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Sikh Dharma International is a non-profit religious organization sharing the universal teachings and lifestyle of the spiritual path of Sikh Dharma through service, education, and community so that one can experience their divinity, spirit, and fulfillment. The teachings and technology of Sikh Dharma are found in the Siri Guru Granth Sahib, and the writings of the Sikh Gurus.

The Sikh Dharma International Vision is “Serving the One in All”

With utmost gratitude to God and Guru, those of us serving the Global Community Sangat through this work at Sikh Dharma International, feel it a special privilege to be a part of this Legacy. Wahe Guru!  Part of the primary mission of Sikh Dharma International is to preserve, organize and continue to share the teachings of the Sikh Gurus.

Where to find meditations, lectures and kriyas by Yogi Bhajan

Where to find Sikh spiritual music and music from other traditions

Mantrapedia: Where to find mantras written and translated

Hacienda de Guru Ram Das

Our “sister city” in Espanola, NM.

Kundalini Research Instittute

Teacher Training

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