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Your Donations Help us Serve You

Sikh Dharma of Colorado is a non-profit organization

that relies on donations from people like you.

Thank you for supporting Sikh Dharma of Colorado.

We aim to create educational programs that help spread

the wisdom and teachings of the Guru,

as well as the teachings and and science of Kundalini Yoga.

To help us fulfill our mission, donate by clicking the donate button.



"By giving from the heart, we reconnect to that source, elevating our soul and fulfilling our destiny."


"We are on this planet to love each other, to serve each other, and to uplift each other. We have come to this Earth to give, not to take. Don’t take pride in taking. Give. Give, and there will be virtue in what you will be given. And that will give you God."


Donate your time in any way you can.

We mostly need motivated individuals who are willing to donate time to help us fulfill our goals.

"If you serve, you shall win the hearts of others. If you humble yourself, you shall not only win their hearts, but you will win their souls. If you serve, God will come through for you. Seva is a very wonderful cause, it is the real thing. Service is not what serves you; it is when you enrich another person."

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